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antonio ferreira jr, a self-made artist from dmv with a diverse cultural background, found his passion for music amidst the fusion of influences from his brazilian roots and hip-hop culture. despite facing periods of instability, he persevered, honing his skills in music production and visual arts, ultimately birthing his persona, fuhhrare. now, a multifaceted creative force, fuhhrare not only crafts beats and performs on stage but also delves into modeling and graphic design, embodying the essence of a modern-day renaissance artist.

what sparked your creativity? 

growing up i was influenced by my two sisters and my next door neighbor. my sisters were artistic in general and my neighbor was a writer. he inspired my passion for storytelling. seeing his work made me feel comfortable talking about things i usually wouldn't through my music. 

what’s your primary medium? 

while music is my main focus right now, i historically spent a lot of time drawing and collaging.

what themes do you explore in your music? 

i try to incorporate my life and experiences across my art. life in essence is an ongoing series of changed plans and pivots – and the experience of the unexpected and adaptation we all go through is something speak to in my work. 

what’s your favorite work of art? 

i really love Salvador Dalì. my favorite piece of his is “the elephants.” i like when something inspires me to think outside of the box and that piece, which is so obscure yet moving, inspires me to do a lot. 

what's your biggest challenge as an artist and how do you work to overcome it? 

self doubt and perfectionism. being in my head and overly critical about my work is something i grapple with. i often feel like i can’t or don't want to continue a given piece because of my inner critic. it’s one of the biggest endeavors i face as a creative. but that said, i think you just have to try to get over it in order to make something that you feel it's worth making for yourself.

what makes you want to be an artist? 

a big part of it is being able to express myself and my perspective. i really value the ability to share a vision or thought that could possibly be unique — i enjoy the process of trying to communicate that with others. another part of my pursuit is just being able to have an effect on people through art.

growing up, certain pieces of art, whether it be music, visual art, etc. spoke to me. and having the freedom to express myself while also knowing that someone could be affected by that, and possibly change their viewpoint or think differently is motivating. i find it important to provide little beacons that might be influential to others.

until next time, keep creating and be on the lookout for more updates to come!

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