feeling thankful

art basel, payments launch, and mixed media ;)

in the spirit of thanksgiving weekend, we want to take a moment to thank each one of you. you all are the heartbeat of a community where art isn’t just shared - it’s celebrated! the quality of work minted on primitives continues to inspire us, fueling our commitment to build a future where creativity isn’t just a passion, but a pathway to abundance.

thank you for being pillars of this vibrant community. we are excited to continue to make new tools to help with your practice. we can’t wait to see what you all make next ❤️

with love,
team primitives 


  • art basel: big news! we are excited to be a part of art basel miami this year. if you’re at the convention center, find us at the solana lounge where you’ll be able to mint your artwork live

  • payments: living in abundance from creativity, in part means better ways to get paid for your art. if you would like to test payments, mint with this link and try setting a price with your work. your feedback is invaluable :)

  • irl galleries: icymi, november was a hit! we hosted two irl gallery events in partnership with gotham.ny. a heartfelt thanks to the 9 talented artists who showcased their work and the hundreds of y’all who came out. click here to see more pics from the events

we pulled a few of our favorite gems minted recently – click below to add one to your collection :)

since releasing galleries last month, we’ve been impressed by how you all continue to push the boundaries of your personal boards. from artists creating personal storefronts for their work to curators weaving gems into visually stunning themes there is no shortage of talent on display.

click below to checkout a featured gallery and don’t forget to create your own if you haven’t yet.

meet jasper rei, the virginia based artist speaks to their mixed media art style and practice.

how did you get into mixed media? what inspired you to start working in that space?

i'm such a nontraditional person and sort of a rebel in my day to day life, so i think it was only natural to incorporate a sense of newness into my practice. i love mixed media because i have an it and technical background, so it goes hand in hand. i can utilize all of my skills in my art which makes it more unique. 

do you use any specific tools to make your art? 

i work with protools, but i don't like to use it too often. i do a lot of photo manipulating locally. i’ll incorporate ai a bit in layering and to create more detailed textures at times. in the past, i've paid for some premium things so i can get more in depth or have more control over what i'm doing, but not all too often.

do you prefer creating pieces that are animated / incorporate motion, or static pieces?

i like animated pieces more. i really enjoy crafting animations and utilizing aspects of cinematography. ultimately my goal is to do more art installations.

what inspires you day to day? 

it varies. sometimes it's the people around me. i love music, so sometimes it's music. and if i'm out in the city or even in different parts of virginia, nature and landscapes speak to me. the mountains or the beach, etc. sometimes it’s also just a thought or a life question, and pursuing an answer reads like some sort of art piece, whether it's written like their poetry or taking a photo or just sketching out an idea.

finally, big thanks to anfaslim for inspiring and creating ar filters with us! head over to instagram and search “primitives” to try out the filters!

until next time, keep creating and be on the lookout for some big product updates headed into the new year 🙂 

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