primitives newsletter: february '24

welcome! we're thrilled to be back with our february newsletter, celebrating the end of black history month. we’ve been working on numerous updates, and are eager to unveil them to you. this edition is packed with some incredible art and artists, and a preview of what's ahead. dive in to discover all the latest developments we have in store for you.

with love,

we’re incredibly blessed to know and celebrate so many artists on primitives. this month we spoke to ashanti africana, andre renayrd, victoria rickards, and aj ferreira (aka fuhhrare) about their art, culture, and inspiration.

learn about each creator below and read further for a full feature on ashanti!

ashanti africana

“while there may be pressure to diversify themes for a broader audience, i remain true to what i love. authenticity is paramount in my work, and i believe staying true to my artistic vision allows me to create pieces that resonate genuinely.”

andre renayrd

renaydre explores the intersection of his personal narrative and broader cultural influences. his work becomes a reflection of the amalgamation of diverse elements that have shaped him—a synthesis of caribbean warmth, san francisco cool, and the emotional depth of a self-discovering artist. his art is an invitation to journey through the vivid, ever-evolving landscapes of his inner world.

victoria rickards

“what fuels my fire to keep going is honestly, the community. i’m honored when people tell me how they feel about my work because one of the most important things to me is the community and connecting with people through my art.”


“my hope merely lies within inspiration. different pieces or projects may have an underlying theme..almost like projections of what i’m feeling in that moment! most of the time expressing confidence but also touching on vulnerability and elation. overall, i want to inspire onlookers/ listeners that they can too, create.”

you continue to impress us with your art and beautifully curated galleries! click below to collect some of the amazing art, then create your own!


product updates

we're excited to announce our new dynamic pricing model for your art. gems are priced and traded based on market value, ensuring artists receive royalties in perpetuity! are you interested in giving it a try?  here are some codes to try it out:




meet ashanti africana

our monthly artist feature!

meet ashanti, a passionate multimedia artist from michigan specializing in digital art and graphic design. her creative focus revolves around the captivating intersection of motherhood and afrofuturism. these themes are deeply personal to her, as motherhood holds profound significance in her life, and exploring it through my art has been a fulfilling journey.

what inspires you?

influenced by childhood memories of watching shows like dexter's laboratory and powerpuff girls, i draw inspiration from secret labs, superpowers, and gadgets. these elements form the foundation of my creativity, where i seamlessly integrate myself into scenes, living out my childhood dreams of floating through space on a spaceship while savoring my favorite tea.

what do you hope people see or feel through your art?

i aim to provide a unique escape for like-minded individuals through my creations, allowing them to immerse themselves in different realms. my art becomes a portal to worlds filled with movement, vibrancy, technology, and beauty, providing a departure from the realities of everyday life.

what are some themes you explore in your work?

while there may be pressure to diversify themes for a broader audience, i remain true to what i love. authenticity is paramount in my work, and i believe staying true to my artistic vision allows me to create pieces that resonate genuinely with my audience.

what do you like most about primitives?

unlike some websites, primitive makes it easy and enjoyable to be a part of these creative communities, opening doors to a broader audience that genuinely values and appreciates art. what excites me even more is the platform's seamless integration of monetization options, making it effortless to showcase and collect my art and others. i'm eagerly looking forward to the future possibilities this platform holds for my artistic journey.

until next time, keep creating and be on the lookout for more to come!

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