wrapped: a look back at 2023

what an incredible year we’ve shared! 2023 was truly remarkable, with all of you minting a staggering 88,000 gems - up 486% from the year before

looking ahead, 2024 is set to be another exciting year for primitives. we’re thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of a new version of our product and are looking for some early testers from the community

if you consider yourself an art collector or simply aspire to be, please fill out this form and we’ll send you a beta code! your insights will be invaluable :)

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team primitives 


  • 100k gems minted on primitives!

  • 2023 in review: an incredible 88,000 gems were minted this calendar year! up 486% from last year! view more highlights below

  • art basel: we had a great time at art basel miami with the solana foundation! 8,700 gems were minted and 170 wallets created! thanks to everyone who came and who made it possible!

  • catch up with creator, @phillipmorrisart

last week we passed 100k gems minted and couldn’t be happier! thanks to you primitives is full of diverse art. honored you choose to mint with us and inspired by all of your work!

this calendar year 88,000 gems were minted, up 486% from last year! 49,000 gems were collected and we couldn't be prouder to help your art find a home

88,042 gems minted

49,178 gems collected

we pulled a few of our favorite gems minted recently – click below to add one to your collection

you also continue to impress us with beautifully curated galleries! click below to checkout a featured gallery and then create your own

we had the best art basel yet with solana :)

upon entering the solana lounge, visitors were taken through live minting, art creation, and collecting on primitives! we loved seeing primitives come to life in the space and enjoyed by thousands of art lovers from all over the world.

s/o to victoria rickards, our featured artist there!

we recently spoke to fine artist, phillip morris. drawing inspiration from their origins within the diy music scene along with object-oriented ontology, ecology, environmental ethics, morris paints with a delicately expressive nature

what do you love most about pursuing art?

somerset maugham said it best: “art is liberation for the soul”

what's your process like?

lately, i’ve allowed the paintings to take their own form. allowing the painting to reveal themselves rather than force anything. usually, it takes longer than having a detailed plan, but i’ve been more satisfied with the process and the results. there is intention in everything i do. nothing goes unplanned, but since paint, canvas, and brushes all have their characteristics, you have to let those materials do their fair share of the work. sometimes a painting takes me less than an hour to finish. sometimes it takes years. sometimes i think a painting is finished but then i see it yearn to be something else. i relate to that. 

what influences or inspires your work?

it seems like i’m looking everywhere for inspiration nowadays. i like to read a lot about object oriented ontology, ecology, and environmental ethics. it’s allowed me to incorporate a subtle connection to nature in my art, through a better understanding of my identity and my place as a human in nature. it’s allowed me to see my art in a greater narrative of things rather than something isolated. 

my other big influence seems to be music. i almost always listen to music while i paint. lately, i’ve been into bands from iceland. i’ve always listened to björk, but i’ve liked sigur rós, emilíana torrini, and the extensive audio and visual work of ragnar kjartansson. listening to stuff i like puts me in the right head space to create. it feels like i create with more intent. 

what is the biggest challenge of being an artist? how do you deal with that?

stealing art supplies from micheals. i’ve tried to remedy that by buying jackets with more pockets. (this is a joke). 


until next time, keep creating and be on the lookout for some big product updates headed into the new year :)

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